• Abby B.
    At the start of the year, I found myself not only at one of the darkest spots in my life, but also at my heaviest weight. As someone who has been relatively “in shape” this wasn’t something I’d ever dealt with, nor did I know the most efficient ways to fix it. I turned straight to Jared. He taught me all about deficits, the importance of strength training, and how to stay consistent. Not only that, but he also taught me how to change my mindset completely. With his guidance I’ve successfully lost, and kept off, over 30 lbs. But even more importantly, I’ve learned how to become mentally strong. I’ve learned vital “hacks” to prevent myself from ever falling completely back to the old me, to the one who felt out of control and did nothing but sit around and hate on myself. And for that, I’ll be forever grateful. I cannot recommend Jared enough.
    Abby B.
  • Sandy W.
    I have used our time together for so much more than weight loss. The weight loss is great but this has opened my eyes to so much more. As much as I hate it I love it. My mental health has held me back for so long I didn't even realize it. And allowing myself be treated poorly in my relationships because I didn't think I deserved much more. That includes family, friendships, and the men I have been involved with. I realize I have very few healthy relationships. I'm also in the process of getting rid of people that will never see me as the person I am but have been hiding in fear of people not approving. I have been thru some shit in my life and always kept a smile on my face so no one knew that I was breaking inside. No more worrying about everyone else. I'm 52 years old and I want the rest of my life stress free. Which it could be if I follow thru on my plan to make me happy. I'm a good person, smart, and loving. I have my own business (which is great without the corona). I take care of people with disabilities. I own my own home and vehicles. I have nothing to prove or stress about. I'm losing weight and becoming stronger each day. But I'm now having physical ailments. I'm not denying them they hurt like hell but I think they are all stress related due to me opening my eyes to things I don't like. I know I am rambling but back to you and your program. No other "weight-loss" program will ever work. You have already been doing mentorship your just taking it to the next level. I think your awesome and by reading all the comments on the Tribe so do a lot of other people. I just wanted you to know you are appreciated. Thank you.
    Sandy W.
  • Tess Moore
    I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, guidance and truth talk to help me get started on my wellness journey to living strong to at least 105 years old. I was the one that went "on a diet" to loose some weight then "off" then "on" then"off"!!! cycling through the spiral of weight loss. I was intimidated in the gym and had no true guidance. After discovering you and your training I am now more focused on strength training with confidence and less on loosing weight!! Miracles have happened since my focus change.
    Tess Moore
  • I have been working with Jared Hamilton over the last 6 months.  I found him from his posts on Instagram.  I needed a personal trainer who would monitor my progress and set me on a plan to get some toning and muscle strengthening.  I had very successful results using him. Jared gave me weekly workouts and he checked in to see how things were going several times a week, and was very positive in his support.  His plan took into account some of my physical limitations and a recent surgery.  Jared knows his stuff - I lost 10 lbs but gained muscle mass.  My legs are much stronger as well as my upper body. My goal was to get some muscle back as I am a senior and his program was tailored for upper and lower body, with core strengthening too. I am extremely satisfied with my results and Jared’s training plans and methods.  I would highly recommend him as a trainer.
  • Sarah S.
    Here’s what I’m enjoying this program is designed for me (seriously, he took what equipment I had, my goals, & made it a fit for me).
    • I can do this at home
    • My macros on life days  --️ I love food
    • Changes I’m seeing daily (Stronger, weight loss, inches melted)
    • new exercises I hadn’t even heard of (I love to learn).
    Sarah S.
  • Terrilyn I.
    My journey working with Jared has been so filled with so many emotions, experiences and learning opportunities which were all nothing short of  remarkable . But the truly magical part of working with Jared has been the unexpected, life altering moments that  literally stopped me in my tracks.  Many  that had little to do with food and losing weight. These moments were anything from a simple quote to an exercise in inner child work. and a million things in between, Each of them encouraging me to grow and learn more about myself After stringing quite a few of these moments together, I quickly realized that the work we were doing was special. We weren’t just counting calories and losing weight. Together, we were digging deep to the root of my issues and taking the necessary steps to address them. Most of the time, especially in the beginning, Jared was able to do this without me even realizing it was happening.  But it did happen. And it continues to  happen.  I was losing weight . Yes, I dropped pounds on the outside and my body composition  was changing like I wanted it to. But that wasn’t what I was excited about. I was also losing weight on the inside. The weight of old negative stories  I told myself for decades. Old beliefs about food that simply were not true. I was discovering parts of myself that were limiting me and freeing myself of them. I was writing a new story... Real talk first. I originally contacted Jared because I saw a post on Instagram. I looked at some of his content, followed him for a while and decided I wanted to give it try because “I’ve tried everything else”.  In my mind, despite years of trying, nothing was working. I just couldn’t lose the weight I wanted to lose and look like I wanted to look.  I was eating 800-1000 calories a day, training 6 days a week and still wasn’t making the progress I wanted.  And here’s this guy telling me I can eat doughnuts everyday and make progress?  This intrigued me. I was skeptical but I reached out wanting to learn more. After talking with Jared on the phone for the first time, I not only realized he definitely knew what he was talking about but he managed to have me figured out in a matter of minutes. It was very much like talking to an old friend who happened to have  an incredible amount of knowledge that he was excited to share. I left that initial conversation knowing more about myself than I did before.  I knew in that moment we were going to accomplish some amazing things together.  We got to work right away and I literally felt showered with knowledge and tools to help me succeed. I went from being hyper focused on food anxiety and diet strategies to realizing the issues I needed to address had nothing to do with food Jared  strategically guided me toward  recognize the hurdles I was placing in front of myself and ones that had been there for decades. Once I was able to see them, Jared was able to point  me in the direction I needed to  do the work to knock then down for good. Each time we did this it was nothing short of magical..This gave  me the confidence and freedom to run toward the next hurdle and knock that down too. As I look ahead, I see a lifetime of hurdles. We all have them. But knowing exactly  how to deal with them no matter what they may be, that  is true freedom. This level of knowledge and freedom  was the key to meeting my goals of improving  my relationship with food. But the journey toward that goal and the work done reached far beyond that. Each and every week I was improving areas of my life I never thought possible.   From addressing minor dietary choices to dealing with major life trauma and everything in between. This journey continues to be one of the most valuable things I could have ever done for myself and those closest to me. If you are contemplating taking this journey yourself, I encourage you to take a leap of faith not only in Jared, but in yourself. If you are dedicated to showing up, being honest and putting in the work this journey will change your entire life in ways you never dreamed possible. Being open  to this possibility and committing to it every day is all you need to reach your goals with Jared.  Make it happen!
    Terrilyn I.
  • Jeanna P.
    Let me give props to the one and only Jared Hamilton. Since joining his online program and doing the workouts along with cardio and a high protein diet I am down almost 10 inches! I have been very busy lately with work and home life so having the weeks workouts planned and all I have to do is execute them has made my life so much easier 💯 His positive attitude and outlook is so life giving! If you are at all interested you should check out his page and give him a follow 👍
    Jeanna P.
  • Angela T
    I was fresh out of nursing school, in my 40’s and could feel that I had put on a few pounds. I decided that I wanted to lose a few pounds but wasn’t quite sure how. I set up a meeting with Jared. I admit, I was a little overwhelmed walking into the gym. I sat with Jared we talked over my goals, strengths and weaknesses and the plan of attack. I scheduled my first session with him not knowing quite what to expect. I had never had a gym membership let alone worked out in a gym, I was intimidated by the equipment and really didn’t know how to use anything. Jared was quick to put my mind at ease, iPad in hand, we started my very first workout. Jared demonstrated each exercise, told me the area we were working on, proper mechanics and the pitfalls some fall into. It was my turn, with each exercise he corrected form if needed to ensure I wouldn’t hurt myself. At a point during the workout, I became nauseous and was trying not to vomit, honestly, I thought to myself, can I do this? Jared was patient and reassured me that I was capable. He passed no judgment on my physical state. After I got myself together, we finished the workout. That could have been my first and last workout, but I was determined to give it time. When I felt comfortable using the equipment, Jared made up my programs, walked me through each exercise then turned me lose. When Jared says he’s always available, he’s not lying. There were times I would forget something and text him during my workout, he was quick to respond and always answered my questions. I came into the gym never having done a push-up or pull up since high school, now not only could I do them unassisted, I could do several in a row. Jared didn’t start me out doing those things, he started me out with exercises that would eventually get me to the point I could do them. He works at your pace and ability but still pushes you. As I went along through my training, my goals changed and I would sit with Jared and we would talk about where I was and where I wanted to be. Scroll forward 3 years later, I’m prepping for my first NPC figure competition at 45 years old and feel better than I did in my 20’s. I workout daily and developed a true love for training. Jared has been there every step of the way and has been my cheerleader and inspiration. On that first day, if he hadn’t been so compassionate, understanding and patient with me, I would have quit and said thats not for me. Instead, Jared paved the road for me to find that fire within and the passion for something I never knew existed. I consider Jared not only a terrific coach but a true friend. If you’re just starting, been out of the game for a while and want to get back in or experienced and stuck in a rut, Jared is your guy!
    Angela T
  • Maddie k.
    My experience with Hamilton Trained was super successful and positive. Jared’s online training helped me work on my fitness while being able to balance being a mom and working full time. He went above and beyond to help keep me motivated in order to obtain my goals. I highly recommend Hamilton Trained to anyone who is looking to take the next step in their fitness journey.
    Maddie k.
  • Katherine W.
    I have dropped 20 lbs through listening to Jared and following his basic rules for fat loss. He makes this whole fat loss adventure enjoyable and inclusive. You will never feel like you don’t belong and you will learn how to drop pounds and fat and NOT gain it back
    Katherine W.
  • LaTisha
    I have been obese for as long as I can remember. I have tried everything from diet pills to shakes to aerobics. I lost over 80 pounds at a bootcamp once but ended up injuring myself. I had no idea how to keep the weight off long-term. I just knew eating low calorie with a weekly cheat meal worked for me. I have also worked online with three other coaches. I was never truly happy though until I started working with Jared. I remember one day seeing Jared eat an Oreo on IG. He took down more than one in fact. It made me upset because I could not do that. I remember crying my eyes out over him eating an Oreo. In my mind Oreos were bad. You do not eat Oreos while losing weight. This Jared guy claimed you could though. I decided to ask my online coach at the time why he would not let me eat Oreos. All he said was not now … maybe later. I remember thinking I am going to eat them anyway. I ate a lot more than just Oreos and lied about it. Then I would feel bad and starve myself and lie about that too. It got to the point I would also lie about my weigh-ins and working out. Then I quit. Again. I remember telling Jared on our first phone call that I did not want to lie to him. And I have not and will not. I have now been working individually with Jared for five months. Most of my wins center around mindset. I used to quit when things got hard. I used to eat weekly cheat meals. I used to eat only “healthy” foods. I used to struggle alone. I used to not have an online community of like-minded people to vent to when life got hard. I used to be terrified of lifting weights. I used to be afraid to talk to my coach. I used to think 2000 calories was a lot of food. I used to think meditation and journaling did not work. I used to think I was not worth it. I used to think I would never figure this out.   With Jared’s help I now see food as just food. In fact, I ate Double Stuff Oreos today. And I even ate them yesterday too. I remained in a calorie deficit too! The best part is Jared is the first coach who did not let me quit when it got hard. He taught me to fight. I love him for it.
  • Natasha
    I’ve been feeling sooo good emotionally. No crazy emotional eating, no meltdowns or breakdowns. I’m usually pretty good emotionally but since I started this journey with you I’d say my mental headspace has gotten SO MUCH BETTER!!!
  • Liz v.
    I was a 56 year old menopausal grandma looking to lose the same 30 pounds I had lost and gained several times in the past When I began my weight loss journey again in February 2019 after so many failed attempts, I began listening to and watching different weight loss coaches on instagram and that is how I learned about Jared Hamilton. For about two months I listened to his podcasts and followed his instagram stories to get tips on strength training and weight loss. Then I inquired about joining “the tribe” on Facebook for even more of his insight. It was in May of 2019 that I was convinced hiring Jared as a weight loss coach could really facilitate my weight loss goals. His approach to coaching is so positive and encouraging and quite frankly life changing for me. As someone who has struggled with their weight all of my life, he provided such simple but profound advice that taught me to look at myself and food in a whole new way. I coined the phrase “Jaredisms” for the simple tips that have impacted the psychological way I feel about food. 1. Dont drink your calories 2. Eat a plant at every meal to name a few. His approach to personal coaching is extremely encouraging and uplifting. He has taught me that this journey is a long game and the times I have fallen off track are not failures. His workout plans have been extremely easy to follow, but challenging as well. It has given me a new sense of confidence when in the gym
    Liz v.


So much goes into these transformations. What you may see first is the physical transformations of previous (and current) clients, but it’s so much more than that. Those who are coached here will find transformations not only physically but in terms of their nutrition, mindset, daily habits, and more. Many of the clients come in with the goal to transform their physical appearance and end up doing so also in their business or career, relationships with loved ones, and overall outlook on life.

More Testimonials

A little over six months ago I came across Jared and his content, approach, and values around fitness and fat loss was something I hadn’t really seen from any other coaches. His coaching is honest and life changing. I’ve struggled with my weight, eating issues, and anxiety around food for 10 years. I’ve done every fad diet, restricted, binged, you name it. I’ve been every weight- skinny and fat. Jared has really opened my eyes around this game of fat loss and fitness. It takes consistency, discipline, patience, and enough love for yourself to make a deep rooted change. Jared has held my hand when I needed it and guided me since day one. I’ve learned so many tools to help me on this life-long project. Between one on one coaching and the Tribe, there are many avenues of support. Jared is a wonderful coach and person.

Lyndsay B.

At the start of the year, I found myself not only at one of the darkest spots in my life, but also at my heaviest weight. As someone who has been relatively “in shape” this wasn’t something I’d ever dealt with, nor did I know the most efficient ways to fix it. I turned straight to Jared. He taught me all about deficits, the importance of strength training, and how to stay consistent. Not only that, but he also taught me how to change my mindset completely. With his guidance I’ve successfully lost, and kept off, over 30 lbs. But even more importantly, I’ve learned how to become mentally strong. I’ve learned vital “hacks” to prevent myself from ever falling completely back to the old me, to the one who felt out of control and did nothing but sit around and hate on myself. And for that, I’ll be forever grateful. I cannot recommend Jared enough.

Abby B.

I can definitely tell there has been progress mentally. At this point I would have given up and said I’d start over some other time. Well honesty, I wouldn’t have made it this far haha. I’ve only ever made it maybe 3 weeks and then I quit. I think we are going on the 3 month mark! I can tell a difference in how I feel. Mentally, I am fixing my bad habits that I once had with food that I got in high school. I also feel more confident in my decisions like “yeah I can go out with friends and get pizza and ice cream but not feel guilty about it and not fall off the wagon.” And honestly, I feel more motivated than ever to now push forward and really make some physical progress.

Kendyll S.

Jared is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far he can push them. He encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet he knows how much I am capable of. He deserves the best compliments from me and my husband.


I greatly appreciate all that Jared has done for me and am so thankful for all the time and effort in helping me to achieve my goals now and in the future.

Peter S

I worked one on one with Jared for several months and in that time my body transformed into something I had only dreamed possible. Continuing my training with the Tribe, my weight loss and muscle building continued. This isn’t hard to do, it is simple. And all it took was for Jared to show me the way!

Joe O

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